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When you have been through a traumatic event such as an auto accident, more often than not, you’re left with dozens of questions and faced with a whole host of emotions.  What is this pain? Is it whiplash? What is whiplash? Why does it seem like it’s moving? Did I have this headache before the accident? Who should I call? Where should I go?  We understand, it’s overwhelming for anyone.


Timing is critical for receiving the best results with your treatment and care, scheduling an injury evaluation when you have pain should be your top priority.

We handle these injuries more often than we would like to but the reality is that accidents happen.  We can evaluate your pain and create a treatment program to suit your individual needs.  We work with networks of physicians and if the need arises to refer you to a specialist, we are happy to provide you with options.

Your body has several ways of alerting you to a problem, one of them is by making you feel PAIN.  If you're walking and working on a bad knee and you're experiencing pain, you could be making it much worse. If you were injured at work, it is your RIGHT to have a proper evaluation of your symptoms. Call Today! (773)424-5584
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